The Brementown Revue


featuring the one-act musical “The Brementown Musicians” based on the Brother’s Grimm Fairy Tale

The show features “The Brementown Musicians” - a clever one-act musical based on the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale. A band of ex-barnyard animals discover a heinous plot by a crew of, ahem, “vicious” pirates to rob the town of Bremen.  The animals attempt to warn the citizens of Bremen, but their crowing and braying simply sound like, well, a barnyard!  Eventually the townsfolk figure out what the animals were trying to do and they become town heroes!

The cast of 14 Middle- and High-School kids will sing, dance and swashbuckle their way through this rendition of the well-known Fairy Tale.  In addition to the one-act musical, there will be songs and skits done by smaller groups around the general theme of Fairy Tales and historic Europe.  We also have a collection of songs from Seussical The Musical to help celebrate Discovery Square’s Summer of Seuss.

Come join the fun!

Show dates are 

Monday, July 18 at 7:00

Tuesday, July 19 at 7:00

Grace A. Dow Library Auditorium

1710 W. St. Andrews