Summer Stage Theatre


Summer Stage Theatre was started in 2011 as an opportunity for (mostly) Middle School students in the broader Midland, MI area to put on a summer show.  It was envisioned as a bridge program which gives opportunities for leading roles, major supporting roles, vocal solos and dance features to kids who are on the young side of eligibility for Peanut Gallery’s Interim Theatre or Teenage Musicals Inc. shows.  The timing of the SST show (late July) also provides additional summer scheduling options for kids who may be heading to summer camps or family vacations in early August (the typical time frames for Interim and TMI shows).

SST shows are run in a similar style as the Midland Center for the Arts’ Peanut Gallery productions - just on a smaller scale.  Our performance venue is typically the Grace A. Dow Library Auditorium.  Costuming, sets and production support are all done with volunteers drawn from the cast’s families.  Actors are expected to be somewhat familiar with stage terminology and acting techniques, but there is a strong teaching component.   To date, every show has contained a musical element, but not all segments of the shows have required singing.  We have done a mix of single-show presentations (for example, Wind in the Willows and Robin Hood) as well as Revues wherein we have a mix of one-act skits and singing.

The goal of Summer Stage Theatre is youth involvement - both from the cast and the audience.  Our ticket pricing strategy is intended to get families and friends into the theatre to enjoy a live show put on by Midland’s wonderfully-talented youth.  We hope to see you soon!