2014 Cruise - Italy, Greece, Turkey


We spent about two weeks in May, 2014 on a cruise of the Tyrrhenian, Ionian, Aegean, and Mediterranean seas with ports of call in Morocco, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey.  We were on the Seabourn Odyssey which was a wonderful ship - a great launching point for shore excursions.  The pages on this site are a variety of aspects of the cruise:  The ship and crew, the itinerary and ports of call, the shore excursions and Ollie shots.  Some of the shore excursions deserve pages of their own.  You’ll figure that out pretty quickly.

There is a LOT to put up, so it’s likely to take a while before everything is in place.  Check back every once in a while.  As the content gets added, I’ll update the list of pages!

And the journey begins...

Seabourne Odyssey

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